To most of us, Cantillons are quintessential spontaneously fermented gems that given its limited production we only get to enjoy every so often. Sybarite Pig owner Daniel Naumko has been hoarding these works-of-art-in-a-bottle for you and it's time to enjoy them. Come join is for a night of sour poetry that will include the tasting of:

- Rosee de Gambrinus
- Vigneronne
- Saint Lamvinus
- Lou Pepe Kriek 10'
- Lou Pepe Kriek 11'
- Lou Pepe Gueze 10'
- Classic Gueze
- Iris
- Cantillon Fou' Foune

We will also be preparing a special plate of food that night, a dish with important significance to the beginnings of The Sybarite Pig. 

Order tickets via Eventbrite: brasserie-cantillon-night-2nd-session-tickets-1280106 7337?aff=efbevent
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So, welcome to our new website!  We've revamped it with the sole intention of providing you all with a little more information about us and what we're up to. This particular area of the website is called ramblings, so every now and then I will ramble on it. Why ramble you might ask?  Well, if you've met me before you'll know I ramble...   a lot...    so why not do it here?  Little disclaimer: English is my second language and I'm incredibly lazy, so expect mistakes.

First order of business is to fill you in on our philosophy of business. This is something that's very clear in my mind and slowly but surely I've been able to influence The Pig's crew on it.

Every single one of you has a set of expectations when you walk into our place of business. Turns out we also expect certain behaviors from anyone who visits The Pig. We expect you to check your ego out the door, sit back, relax, leave your troubles and predispositions behind, be patient  and courteous, pay it forward, seize the day, and allow yourself to enjoy. We're happy to see you and hope we can be happy again next time we see you.

Some facts about us:
We're not trying to be something  we're not.
We stick solely to doing what we believe in.
We're learning and teaching every day.
We're respectful of the craft, be it new school or old.
We support small business and true artistry.
We serve beers we like regardless of who made them or where they're from.
We believe no beer is good or bad, one likes it or doesn't.
We love our food.
We take pride in making our food from scratch.

I constantly look forward to meeting more like-minded people who share our passion for Craft Beer, so what are you waiting for?
Sybarite Pig Craft Beer Craft Grub | 20642 State Road 7, No. 2, Boca Raton FL